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My name is Julien Boillat, I was born in 1983 and I'm from Lausanne, which is in the french-speaking part of Switzerland.

I've moved to Copenhagen with my wife and our daughter during the cold and rainy April of 2016.

I've done 5 years of full-time studies at the Swiss Osteopathy School with a master thesis in cranial manipulations.

Then I worked 2 years as an assistant, before passing a fierce federal exam. It is a long and tough path to become an osteopath in Switzerland but in the end osteopaths are licensed to make a medical diagnosis for their patients, like the general practitioners.

I have experience working in different osteopathy settings. Among others I worked 1 year in the emergency clinic of Lausanne where I got familiar with patients with acute pain. 

At one point I was also giving free treatments in a clinic for homeless and poor people in Lausanne.

Then I started a 6-year long working experience in a clinic in Morges (Switzerland).

At this time, my interest in pediatric osteopathy was rising so I decided to take a specialization course on treating babies. It took me 3 years to accomplish this pediatric education, which was taking place on weekends in Paris.

As my wife is Danish, we decided to move to Copenhagen in 2016 where I started looking for job.

I first began working in a clinic in Farum for a year, but I was very happy to get invited to work at CityOsteopati in the city center, as it is a very nice and professional clinic. I worked there for almost 5 years.

As my dream has always been to have my own clinic,  I decided to open my clinic in Frederiksberg in October 2020.

These are some links about my professional background in Switzerland:

The Swiss Osteopath Federation

The Swiss Osteopathy School

The Federal Swiss Osteopat Academy (CDS)

The Pediatric Specialization I've done

Area of specialization

- Acute pain

- Neck and low back pain

- Pelvis check up / realignement

- Tension headaches and migraines

- Discus prolapse and lombar stenose

- Degenerative disease (arthitis)

- Shoulder injuries

- Baby check-up and treatments (pediatric)

- Sport injuries

- Digestive problems (constipation, reflux, etc)

- Treatments of children (pediatric)

My way of working:

Osteopathy is holistic. It starts by listening to the patient and trying to understand the origin of his/her pain. A good background investigation  of symptoms is crucial in determining the right treatment.

After the anamnesis, I observe the patient's body to understand their patterns and to get a holistic view of their body structure and posture.

This can help me to figure out the origin of their pain.

Patients have to feel safe while getting treated. Therefore, I will always adapt my treatment according to their needs, their symptoms, their age, etc.

I usually don't use a lot of cracking techniques, but if I need to, it is always done gently and with respect of the body structure.

Osteopathy has a wide range of techniques, so please, if you don't like cracking manipulations (specially the neck ones), you just need to mention it and I can always adapt my treatments to you.

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