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What is osteopathy?

I've heard many times: 

"Osteopathy, is that only relating to bones?"

No, it's not! Even though "osteo" means "bones" and "pathy" means illness in Latin. 

Osteopathy is a holistic approach, which includes both bones, muscles, facias, nerves and organs. But the term "osteopathy" has been chosen because the bones are the main structure supporting the whole body. It is ´the frame of the house´ so to speak.

Everything in the body is inter-connected, that's why we speak about a holistic approach. When something is wrong in one place of the body, it might affect one or several other places. For example, a pain in the back could be linked with a lack of mobility in the hips, as the back has to compensate for the hip dis-function.

Pain usually comes from a mechanical disorder, a lack of movement somewhere makes another structure work harder to fulfill the global function.

This is why osteopathy is so useful, as it is an approach that relieves the acute pain or symptoms but more importantly also tries to find and treat the origin of the mechanical disorder. 

At Praksis Osteopati on Frederiksberg, I treat every days back pains, neck pains, babies, sport injuries... The holistic, gentle and respectful approach of osteopathy gives very good results to treat and release these symptoms.

I also do baby, new born treatments and check up every days. If you have question regarding your baby, feel free to send me your questions. 

Andrew Taylor Still "inventor" of osteopathz

Andrew Taylor Still started the first osteopathy school in 1892 in Missouri State.

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