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Hélèna Guillory - Praksis Osteopati

Hélèna Guillory

Osteopath MRO.DK

About Me

I’m Hélèna Guillory, I’m a french graduated osteopath from the Osteopathic College of Bordeaux. I followed up a complete training in 5 years, and realized
an end-of-study dissertation on premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
Osteopathy is a holistic approach of the functions of the body unit. Therefore, during my sessions, I’m working on all systems (muscular, joints, neurological, visceral), with different types of osteopathic
techniques that I adapt according to the patient (soft tissue techniques, crunching techniques,

Areas of specializations:

- Treatments of headaches and migraines

- Cranial osteopathy

- Mechanical neck and low back pains

- Release of the symptoms due to stress

- Intestinal problems

- Menstruation's related pains

- Pain related to poor postures

For who?

Everyone can be taken care of by an osteopath, from babies to the elderly, including athletes.

Technics are and will be adapted on the different types of patients.


For any functional/mechanical pain.

Reasons to consult can be varied:
musculoskeletal pains, headaches, transit disorders, acid reflux, poor digestion and stomach aches, menstrual pain… I also carry out preventive consultations which can be interesting to prevent chronic pain
and disorders (arthritis, prolapses, pain due to poor postures/lack of movement).

Course of the session

A session lasts approximately 45 minutes. It consists firstly by an interrogation about your
symptoms and your medical history, then I realize various osteopathic tests in order to find the
dysfunctions, and finally the treatment adapted.
I currently do consultations in French and English.


Monday to Friday until to 20:00

Satuday until 17:00



Phone: +4560904986
Address: Praksis Osteopati, Christian Winters vej 3A 1860 Frederiksberg

First consultation: 800 DKK

First consultation (Student):  700 DKK

Follow-up consultation:  550 DKK

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