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My name is Lisa Cunsolo and I am educated as Manual Therapist with RAB recognition. 

I’ve gone through a three years private education in Svendborg with osteopathic and craniosacral techniques. I have also been taught in shiatsu, psychomotoric and midwifery knowledge. 


I’m from South of Germany, 41 years old and have three kids. I speak German, English and Danish. 

My approach

I focus on craniosacral therapy which has its roots in osteopathy and is a soft and gentle treatment form with a profound effect on both the body and mind with the purpose of improving the body’s self healing capability. 

My treatments include:

* Depression & anxiety

* Back pain

* Tension in the jaw muscles

* Migraine

* Menstrual pain

* Neck, shoulder and back pain

* Whiplash

* Grinding of the teeth

* Stress related symptoms

* Dizziness

* Insomnia

* Tinnitus



We are often not realising how sustained stress and trauma can have a lasting impact on both body and the psyche. 


The treatments focus on the central nervous system and the rhythm of the ‘craniosacral pulse’. This pulse originates from the flow of fluids in the brain and spinal cord – and between the cranium and the sacrum.


It regulates the nervous system and gives the body a new strength to heal and regenerate from overstimulation. This way it is easier for the body to maintain its  health by using its own resources. 


Craniosacral also releases tension around your body's connective tissue network called the fascia. 

It promotes pain relief from stress in general, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, but it also helps with the effects of prolonged wrong body postures when, for example, sitting causes pressure on the nerves.


First treatment or long treatment (50 min)  -  500kr

Follow up or short treatment (30min)  -  350kr

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