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Welcome to Praksis Osteopati on Frederiksberg


My name is Julien Boillat, I am 37 years old and from Switzerland. My wife is Danish and we have lived in Denmark for the past 5 years.

I have a Swiss Master Degree in Osteopathy and did a specialization in pediatric osteopathy in Paris. I have more than 10 years of experience in the osteopathic field.

I did my studies at the osteopathy school in Lausanne (CH) for 5 years. My research thesis was on cranial manipulations.

I can do consultations in French, English and Danish.

Praksis Osteopati

Christian Winthers Vej 3A, kl

1860 Frederiksberg

- Free parking spot available and reserved for the patients, in front of Christian Winthers Vej 3B

- 2 minutes walk from Frederiksberg Metro Station

- If you come with a stroller, you can park it in the small garden in front of the clinic.

praksis osteopati treatment room
praksis osteopati waiting room
praksis osteopati waiting room


It is great to see Julien in his own Praksis. It is further away for me to visit him than in his previous place, but it is well worth it! I have serious back problems and I always benefit from a session with him. And on top of having a golden pair of hands, he offers very nice conversation and shows a true interest in his patients.

Julien har simpelthen magiske hænder. Han har hjulpet mig meget med både hold i lænden og eftervirkninger af frossen skulder. Tak !

After giving birth, there was something just "not right". My doctor dismissed it straight away, but Julien listened. He tried to understand it, even though I, not knowing what exactly was wrong, couldn't explain (or rather, any explanation I could provide sounded weird!). I was so grateful to Julien, that he tried and looked deeper - and found out whatever was off, and fixed it!
He is now just after releasing some stuck hip and tensed muscles for my daughter, helping her to go back to her usual happy self.

My back popped and I could hardly stand up straight. This lovely man fixed it fast and gently His clinic is out of my way, but gladly travel across town for a treatment. He's superb.

Mine varmeste anbefalinger går til Julien, efter han formåede at kurere mine 3 diskusprolapser i lænden. Jeg havde prøvet flere forskellige behandlere og teknikker, men det var føst da jeg kom i Julien's magiske hænder, at jeg straks mærkede en forskel efter første behandling og komplet heling over tid. Han er yderst kompetent, formår at læse kroppen og finde frem til skavankerne, som ingen andre jeg har prøvet. Tak for dig!