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Acute low back

Hi again,

Last day, I had a 35 years old man coming to my osteopathy practice. He could barely walk and came with acute pain in his low back and leg.

He went first to the hospital because the acute pain made him panicking!

There, doctors prescribed him some anti-inflammation medication but the pain remained.

He came to my office and after an anamnesis I asked him to remove his t-shirt and I discovered this:

You can clearly see the right deviation of his low back. The head ends up not being aligned with the pelvis anymore. This is due to the spasm of the spinal muscles; in this case on the right side, to protect and unload the disc and nerve pressure on the left side.

Usually this situation is very painful. The patient cannot fully extend his back and has pain as soon as he would mobilize his low back.

After a first osteopathic treatment, this is what we get. A reduction of almost 90% of the deviation.

The osteopathic treatment needs to be gentle and as usual, very respectful of the structures.

In this case, I have used technics to release the disc pressure and to reduces the muscles spasm (spinal, quadratus, psoas). Then, I have restored the mobility in the lowest part of his back and sacroiliac joints.

After the treatment, I informed the patient of how to move and mobilize his back until the pain goes completely away. To get the best effect, it is very important that patients understand a little bit of bio mechanic so they can prevent upsurges.

Thanks for reading

Please, take care of your back! :)

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