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Osteopathic cases...

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hi everyone,

I am going to start this blog to speak about some interesting osteopathic cases I have seen during the past 10 years of my journey as an osteopath.

As some of them were fixed in two or three sessions, some other took much longer time!

I believe it is important for the public to understand how an osteopath works and how pain can be helped with a holistic osteopathic treatment.

I always tell my patients that good results are happening not only because of my treatments but also because of what patients have changed in their daily life and the exercises they have done to restore a better global function.

For an optimal and successful treatment, we need to understand in details the different micro traumas (direct traumas, bad postures, stress, diet, habits...) that have happen over a certain period of time and have lead the patient into the pain he has today.

I am always happy to answer patients' questions! Please, feel free to send them to me... Maybe one day your case will be part of this blog! :)

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